Proposition - celebrating some big numbers!

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Proposition - celebrating some big numbers!

Some nine years after going on the market Proposition, Tariffcom’s proposal generation tool, has changed beyond recognition. We’ve added a CRM, electronic signature capability, file uploads, task tracking and allocations, and so much more. And that’s taken us a whole load of work. Matt, our sadly number-obsessed Product Manager, was reviewing some recently added products in the database and realised that we’ve just reached some pretty impressive milestones.

In that database we have now created a total of 15,000 products, 10,000 bolt-ons and 2,000 mobiles and tablets and associated devices. Oh, and there are 3,000 users from 500 companies. We thought we should take a look back at some of the things that have been available over the years.

The first product we added was the O2 Business Share 500 – which is still going – a shared allowance of 500 minutes and 500 texts for three users, at £25 a month and £15 for each sharer. And what about a whopping 3GB of shared data for a bargain £25? Or adding an extra 1,000 shared minutes for ‘just’ £40? Need more texts to share? £10 a month for 1,000.

And you’ll need some hardware, so what about the first handset we made available, the Blackberry Bold 9700? (You’ll need to spend a bit more to make it work mind- BIS or BES anyone?)

The first non-Blackberry we added was the ‘timeless classic’ HTC 7 Mozart, a Windows phone with 8GB of storage (no card slot, obvs), a massive 3.7 inch screen and an FM radio!

If you want Android, then how about the LG Optimus 7? (No, me neither.) Running on Ice Cream Sandwich it had 4GB storage, a 4.3 inch screen and a 5 megapixel camera.

And for you Applephiles the first handset of theirs we added was the iPhone 3GS 8GB – a 3.5 inch screen, 3.15 megapixel camera running on iOS 3!

Back in 2011 it wasn’t just O2 of course, there was Three, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile. And not a sniff of Kevin Bacon! How about an Orange Solo 25 plan, on an 18-month deal? 325 minutes included, 150 texts and- wait for it- 50mb of data for emails. Need more data? Out of bundle costs were a mere £2.55 per MB…!

Or how about a 24-month Vodafone 300 Single User plan – 300 minutes, 250 texts, a whopping (er…) 500mb of data and only £25 a month!

So a lot’s changed over the last few years, often it seems every month. We’ve seen off 2G, 3G is hanging around like a lush at a houseparty. 4G suddenly became the norm after EE launched it in October 2012, and now 5G is wading in and becoming more widely available (Sorry David Icke!)

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to make Proposition the go-to software for telecoms dealers. We add the products, the commercial data, even the rules that govern what you can and can’t add to a proposal. And we’ve added to the support team to make sure we’re responsive and efficient and friendly too.

If you’ve used Proposition, thank you. The feedback from our users is what drives us forward to give you the best product we can.

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