Our Services

Our Services

Services for networks, resellers & dealers

Tariffcom are the UK's leading Telecoms Cost Consultancy. Since 1996 we've been providing accurate, independent tariff audits and analysis that can double your conversion rates and help you retain existing customers.  

We are the go to analysts for all major networks, as well as for hundreds of dealers and resellers who rely on us to provide clear and accurate tariff comparisons for their customers.

Billing Audit

Our Billing Audit service will clearly show your prospects’ call profile and revenue potential as well as demonstrating potential cost-savings.

The detailed reports give you instant credibility and provide valuable management information which helps move your customer relationship forward.

Shorten your sales cycle by letting our highly skilled team make short work of complex bill analysis.


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Tariffcom's revolutionary web-based application, Proposition, provides an easy way for UK business telecoms dealers to prepare and manage proposals.
Highly customisable, Proposition enables users to produce bespoke, professional and accurate customer proposals in just a few clicks.
We store and maintain all commission, tariff and hardware data, ensuring error-free, lucrative quotes which take into account the specific needs of every custsomer.
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