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It’s been 35 years since the first mobile call was made – already! The mobile market has evolved enormously since then.  From the high cost of making calls to minutes and text restrictions, it has been an ever-changing market.  These days it’s all about data usage.   Ofcom recently revealed that many consumers may be still paying for more data than they need – a recent study of 150,000 Android users revealed that only 10% used over 5GB per month, despite more than 70% of mobile tariffs offering above that amount.  So, if consumers aren’t sure of the best plan for them, how do businesses know which is the right service and plan?

Business mobile phones should be a cost-effective and worthy investment for your customers, so it’s important you can offer them competitive prices.  The range of networks plans, bundles, SIM-only and pay-per-minute options are ever-increasing so it’s key you understand their business in order to make the most relevant recommendation for them.

The value of customer service

A successful business fundamentally has to have a great approach to customer service.  It’s a competitive industry and if customers aren’t getting what they need, they can and will, move elsewhere.

Getting to know a business and building a personal relationship means you can offer the right deal and plan to that business.  That in turn builds trust as well as giving dealers the reassurance of your integrity.  Too often we hear that businesses are shocked at their mobile phone usage – often as a result of the wrong plans being recommended.  Taking time to recommend a bespoke plan can make all the difference to your bottom line.

Creating cost efficiencies

Mobile contracts shouldn’t be viewed any differently to the rest of how business efficiencies are managed.  The team at Manageabill have always strived to support you in getting your customers the best possible value. 

The main benefit of Manageabill is greatly enhanced customer service, the indirect benefit of which is better customer retention and lower customer acquisition cost. A dealer who effortlessly emails a comprehensive, tailored billing report to a customer every month will be much more likely to keep that customer at the end of their contract.

In terms of time management, the system helps dealers save time in regard to staff training and customer support. Typically, it takes less than 60 minutes for someone completely new to telecoms to learn how to use Manageabill. Many dealers don’t train staff on complex network billing systems at all – they will simply pass billing queries to the network but will then spend time over the next few days or even weeks chasing responses. With Manageabill they are able to answer the majority of billing queries instantly themselves (and will receive fewer billing queries in the first place) which also gives their customer a better experience.

In many cases Manageabill offers a direct financial saving by providing analysis more cost-effectively than paying an employee to carry it out. For a 100-connection account Manageabill costs £22-£30/month. If a dealer is already providing monthly reporting for this customer, it is likely that it will be less comprehensive and take over an hour for someone to prepare. Because we have no minimum spend or term commitment a dealer can decide for themselves which customers it is worth putting on Manageabill. This will depend on the level of customer service they want to provide and what resource they have already put into this.

By providing detailed call profile information per connection, Manageabill enables dealers to optimise tariffs for prospects or customers. This might be at contract renewal time across their entire estate or might be on an ongoing basis for those products that can be changed mid-contract.

Expensive users and/or call types as well as unused connections can all be highlighted in a clear and simple report. Non-Geographic numbers are identified, highlighting inappropriate usage which may have gone unnoticed in the past. Simply making users aware that these costs are being monitored often leads to a reduction in such usage.

When a customer moves from one network to another, they can remain on Manageabill, meaning they don’t have to get used to a different billing system.

In a nutshell Manageabill;

  • Generates a tailored report highlighting usage trends, specifically requested summaries and areas of potential cost savings such as data bundles that are being over or under used
  • Enhances billing data – for example it shows which organisations are being called via premium rate numbers
  • Allows easy management of connections moving between users or cost centres
  • Allows itemised call records to be filtered and reported
  • Allows identification and measurement of personal usage
  • Allows centralised costs to be allocated to cost centres based on their usage.

If you would like to know more about Manageabill or sign up for a free demo, please get in touch.

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