Demos and Downloads

Demos and Downloads

We've carried out over 50,000 billing audits for several hundred customers. Almost all are regular users of our service.  Find out why they keep coming back by viewing our sample audit and see how quick and easy it is to have data submitted, audited and returned looking fabulous.                                 

The detailed report gives a full breakdown of each user’s call profile and clearly demonstrates the savings that will be achieved by changing to your recommended tariffs. 

Our audits give you added credibility and help develop your relationship with your customer.             


By default, our reports include all published tariffs from the major networks but inclusions can be tailored to your specific needs. We can include your own tariffs, apply discounts or rebates to existing tariffs or show only selected tariffs.
Depending on the data provided reports can be completed on the same day and nearly all are returned electronically within four working days.
Click here to see a sample of our billing audit report.

Proposition takes the time and stress out of building customer proposals.  

In just a few minutes, you'll have a fully bespoke, accurate document to present to your client.  

It will include tariff rules, hardware specs, a full financial breakdown and will showcase your company.  Users can customise proposals even further by importing a Tariffcom billing audit. 


Click here to see a sample proposal.