About Us



Our company

Tariffcom was created in 1996 when we recognised the need for a truly independent service provider that could make clear, accurate and honest comparisons in what is an incredibly complex pricing market. Tariffcom has grown to become the UK's leading Telecoms Cost Consultancy, with our team of analysts carrying out well over 600 tariff audits per month.

Our experience

Our Directors have nearly 40 years experience in the UK telecoms pricing market, and we have a crack team of pricing and billing specialists who have analysed well over 70,000 telephone bills.  We don’t sell telecoms services and we concentrate purely on pricing, billing and software applications designed specifically for our industry. We're pretty damn good at it too.

Our clients

The sellers that we work with range from the biggest players such as CPW Business, EE, O2 and Vodafone, to the smallest telecoms dealers and resellers. We work with these companies to provide clear and accurate cost comparisons for their customers and prospects. This can range from the analysis of a single telephone bill to re-billing hundreds of millions of fixed line calls, to running 'Price Pledge' type consumer promotions.



We also work with a wide range of private sector organisations to optimise their telecoms budget with little or no negative impact on their day to day business. This can involve implementing more competitive tariffs and cost management practices, identifying and reclaiming credits for billing errors and cancelling payments for redundant infrastructure.
We've learned a lot from our long-standing relationships with key players in the telecoms industry, as well as those outwith.  And we use that experience to offer you what you've come to expect from Tariffcom, the best service possible.