Frequently Asked Questions

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Manageabill will work with any of the major online billing platforms on any network. If you are using your own billing software then give us a call – we’ve not found a system we couldn’t talk to yet.

Your customers get a customised report each month, straight into their inbox, highlighting their spend across usage types, and giving them the detail behind the headlines. This report can be sent straight to your customers each month, or you can choose to receive it first and add your own commentary. In addition, customers can be given logins to the application for more detailed analysis, and to allow them to save advanced filters, create custom report pages, track usage by cost centre, and track personal usage, either through manual tagging or using automated rules.  As dealer, you also have the same access, so you can choose to do all this as part of your service to your customers.

As a dealer you get a single portal, with a single login, giving you access to all your customer data, (across all networks) including all their invoices, and all the reports they have been sent. The dealer dashboard tells you what data has been loaded, and who is waiting for their latest report. Once in, you can also add value for the customer, maintain cost centres and usernames, create custom filters and reports, and even create logins so you customers can access the portal as well. Access can be limited by company, cost-centre, or even handset, so they only see what they need to.

All customers receive a branded version of their monthly report with your logo displayed. In addition, for premium Manageabill customers, a branded web portal can be set up to integrate Manageabill with your existing web presence.

Not at all – with Manageabill there is no minimum contract term, and you can mix and match within your client base. Some customers may get monthly reports with others done only at renewal time, or ad-hoc.

If you can get billing details for a prospect, then we can load their data into Manageabill as a one-off job. You’ll have the report you need to highlight where you can save them money.


Proposition is available by annual subscription. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, provided you have a Premium Proposition license, you can add CRM-only users for a small monthly fee.

Absolutely.  There are a huge range of options to allow you to make your profile specific to you and your brand. Our design team can help you create a range of pages which best reflect your business.

Proposition calculates commission based on the commission pricebook you have selected.  You can choose whether to include or exclude revenue share or a % of out of bundle spend in the calculations.  Proposition will automatically recalculate your final commission amount, taking into account any commission adjustments or additional non-standard discounts you offer.

No. Proposition is cloud based, accessible from any device, anywhere.

Only ‘parent’ users will be able to see your proposals. Others with the same access level as you, will only see their own.

Absolutely, users can add their own range of products either using My Products and Services, or by submitting the data to us.  We’ll create a new ‘brand’ icon which lists all of your products.

Billing Audits

Networks, distributors, dealers, and any business looking for an independent audit of their telecoms spend.

No. Simply send in your data for audit on an ad hoc basis.

Any mobile billing should include a minimum of 1 month’s full call itemisation, as well as a list of current rentals if possible.  The itemisation must include handset number, date, time, dialled number, duration and cost columns as a minimum.

Yes, we can use the log-in details to download exactly what we need, and then the customer can change their security details to maintain the privacy of their account. We do not save any usernames or passwords for any online billing platforms.

If your company are paying Tariffcom directly for the audit, you can include or exclude as many tariffs and networks as you wish.  We can also include any bespoke tariffs which you offer as long as full tariff details are provided.

Absolutely. We are happy to sign any NDA’s and treat all client data as highly confidential.

All new customers are requested to pay for their audits before we return the results via email.  Once a regular business relationship is established, we are happy to discuss monthly invoicing as an option.