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The proposal generator designed for mobile and more…

We have always strived to stay at the forefront of the telecoms software industry by continually developing products and services for our clients.

Proposition is powered by Tariffcom, the UK’s leading telecoms pricing consultancy.

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Proposition benefits:

Produce proposals in minutes

Proposition comes pre-built with product data for all the major UK mobile networks, including their commission schemes and sales rules. You can also add custom products, allowing you to put all your business through a single platform.

Eliminate errors

Set your own margin requirements based on business needs. All network rules and restrictions are built in. You can’t sell unavailable combinations, giving you reassurance that you’re offering the best deal to your client.

Integrated e-sign contracts

Send customised contracts quickly, easily and accurately. Proposition comes with its own integrated electronic contract sign software. You can store signed contracts on our secure server and access them directly using Proposition’s built-in CRM. 


Proposition automatically calculates the profit margin on every deal, while still allowing you the flexibility to add discounts, cost adjustments and kit funds. Over-ride privileges are built in too, so nominated users can issue below margin proposals and approve those created by others.


The built-in CRM lets you run the whole sales process, from new prospects through to long-standing customers.

Using the bespoke CRM, customer support tasks can be logged and tracked. Renewal dates and inventory can be stored and queried making it easy to identify new opportunities as well as being pro-active in renewing contracts.