Billing Audits

Billing Audits,
 our most popular service.

The team at Tariffcom have developed a bespoke billing algorithm which recalculates the cost of every individual call on every alternative tariff. We take into account all other tariff elements allowing our clients to structure their sales process around our report.

Each and every report gives a full breakdown of an individuals’ call profile and clearly demonstrates the savings that can be achieved by changing to a recommended tariff. 

In addition our reports include all published tariffs from the major networks but inclusions can be tailored to your specific requirements. We can include your own tariffs, apply discounts or rebates to existing tariffs or show only selected tariffs. Depending on the data provided, reports can be completed on the same day and are returned electronically within two working days.

Our secure systems ensure that all information is kept strictly confidential, giving you and your clients peace of mind.

We are here to support you in developing your business.  Our audits give you added credibility and help enhance your relationship with your customer.

Identify savings

We compare monthly tariffs, bolt ons and even roaming bundles.

Detailed breakdown

Each audit will provide you a breakdown on the billing as a whole and also per user.

Fast Turnaround

Our audits can be turned around in as little as 48 hours!