Tariffcom Testimonials

Rory Austin Operations Director Associated Telecom

Four years ago we made the decision to use Tariffcom’s Proposition software to move our company’s CRM system up to the next level.  We now operate a fully integrated system that has completely streamlined our end-to-end processes and, even if we only consider the hours of work it saves, the return on investment has been excellent.  From managing prospects, to building packages, submitting deals for processing, and facilitating an in-life customer service cycle – all of this is done through Proposition. We have also introduced the Manageabill service to analyse our larger client’s monthly bills – the reports are user friendly and the bespoke feature allows you to present information in as much detail or as concise as you like.  I would recommend Tariffcom’s products to any telecoms company.

Ricki Moss Director of Enterprise Sales Charterhouse Voice & Data Limited

Tariffcom’s software platforms drive many of our daily processes and helps us deliver better value for our customers through detailed re-billing and usage reporting alongside an intuitive pricing interface. We demonstrate our expertise in tariff selection for clients through the insight Tariffcom give us. We have worked with Tariffcom closely for many years and like the agility they demonstrate when solving problems through fairly priced software.

Dan Cargill General Manager 5G Scotland

The team at 5G Scotland are definitely benefiting from the use of Manageabill. It’s a great way to manage and engage with our customers on an ongoing basis. We certainly have plans to add more clients to the platform as we continue to grow.

Ben McGawley Operations Director Trinity Maxwell

Tariffcom’s quick turnaround and quality of work has helped us win and maintain clients.

Susan Arkley Managing Director Source Telecom

It’s a fantastic product. Staff are always helpful and we would not hesitate to recommend them for knowledge and in-depth reporting.