Proposition provides an easy way for UK business mobile dealers to prepare and manage proposals.

Proposition is a highly customisable tool which enables users to quickly produce professional, error-free customer proposals in minutes.


Proposition reduces errors. You enter your own margin requirements while we take care of network or distributor commission schemes and sales rules. You can't sell unavailable combinations, meaning you don't offer deals that lose you money.

Proposition automatically calculates the profit margin on every deal, still allowing you the flexibility to add discounts, cost adjustments and kit funds.


Designed in consultation with our existing dealer, distributor and network customer base, Proposition delivers solutions to many of the problems they face.

Tariffcom upload, maintain and manage commission schemes and hardware pricebooks, as well as all tariffs, products and bolt-ons across all networks.


Produce quotes in minutes

In just a few clicks, Proposition users can create a bespoke customer proposal. 

Reducing the time it takes to generate mobile proposals by a staggering 90%.


Eliminate User Errors 

Users set their own margin requirements based on their business needs. All network rules and restrictions are built in, meaning that it is impossible to issue a proposal which loses  you money.  Over-ride privileges are built in too, so that nominated users can isse below margin proposals and approve those created by junior staff members.


Highly customisable proposals

Using Proposition you are in control. Everyone wants their proposals to stand out from the crowd, using Proposition, yours will be fully customisable, for each customer.

Proposition helps you make your proposals unique.  


Click here for a sample proposal.