Manageabill now includes network invoices

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Manageabill now includes network invoices

As part of the ongoing development of Manageabill we have added the ability to view your customers’ actual network invoice documents on the portal and automatically include them in your customer reports. This means the customer potentially never needs to log into their complicated network billing platform again! Invoices will be uploaded with all billing as from today as long as an invoice image is available on the customer’s network billing portal.

To view and download an invoice simply click on the attachment link in the ‘Invoices’ tab as below:  

By default there is a new ‘Download Invoice’ report section so that when you email the customer their report they are able to view and download their invoices. As with all other report sections you can use ‘Report Settings’ to remove this from individual customers’ report structures if it’s something you would rather they could not do:

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