Tcom Team Talk feat. Matt Beat, Product Manager

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Tcom Team Talk feat. Matt Beat, Product Manager

I’d taken redundancy from the local council and took on a job at Asda in the short-term. I realised that green just isn’t my colour (!), so applied for a data analyst job here at Tariffcom. I ended up getting a different job in the software team (I was the team!) and loved it.

Well that can really depend on the day! I allocate work to the rest of my team, do some data management, software testing and come up with system development ideas, and maybe do a Proposition or Manageabill demo.

Get a lot of different experience, try to find something you love, don’t be hung up about going to university, and get a dog way before you get middle aged!

A house on the coast, within hearing distance of the sea. And lots of nice holidays anywhere that has great seafood.

Quick Fire...

Android all the way.

Pizza, because I’m not a maniac.

White, a nice Sancerre or Pinot Gris preferably, but I’m *really* not fussy!

Love both, but theatre wins, there’s nothing like it, especially as I get to share the experience with my daughter.