Tcom Team Talk feat. Pete Allan, Product Developer

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Tcom Team Talk feat. Pete Allan, Product Developer

I originally did some contract development work for them 20 years ago and had kept in touch ever since. In 2014 they were looking for someone to join the company just as I was looking for a new opportunity. The rest is history…

I look after most software in the Tariffcom portfolio, creating change requests, gathering requirements, liaising with developers and testing the results. Basically, I act as the link between customers and developers, and try and keep both happy. I also still get involved in small bits of development, mainly in back office, to make sure our processes are running as smoothly as possible.


Variety is the spice of life. Gather as much experience as you can, working for different companies across as many technologies as possible, then start your own business.  Focus on keeping your customers happy. If anyone asks – “Can it do this…”, then the answer is always ‘Yes’. Keep your emails short and if anyone’s unhappy, pick up the phone. Spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Cycling the Pacific Coast Highway in California. On an e-bike for the hilly bits

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